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Christopher Lambert images

sadly, I feel over the past few months or so, my interest in Lambert waning, I still like him alright, but not as much as I used to. I don't get as excited about watching the movies or talking about/hearing about him anymore. Therefore, I've decided I'm going to clear out the huge collection of images I have collected of him. But, since I know he still has MANY devoted fans, I wanted to offer you all free range on them. My photobucket account name is Methos and the guest password is horseshoe. It's organized pretty logically just go to the "Entertainment" album and wander around there are various sub-albums, but it's pretty clear but I'll give you a rundown. In Entertainment there are sub albums there should be ones of him in Television, Movies, and Celebrities. Those sub-albums are broken down again so just look for his name/titles of his works. Feel free to take anything else, don't know what/who you guys like but I have Stephen King stuff, Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo, a good deal of Peter Wingfield, Highlander the series, Queen, The Ramones, Annie Lennox...I just ask if you take something that isn't Lambert you let me know what it was, I just like to keep track. I will give people one week before I clear stuff out, maybe two if I am getting a lot of responses.

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