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Phraoah's Daughter, Rambling Fanning and Screencaps

Someone asked me this question on my RL journal after I mentioned that I named my car after him. Then I rewatched the episode a few days ago and got a real good answer. And I figured it's been a few ... years since I posted here.

Pharoah's Daughter is one of my favorite episodes of HL. It's seriously in my top three. And the first time I saw it, I didn't even like him that much. Back then, the character that kicked my ass into really getting into Highlander was Nefertiri. I have this thing for Psychotic Women. She was Crazy. And Hot. And Murderous. That's .. apparently my type.

Then I rewatched it. Really, within the same week. Then I got to see Marcus in all his retentive glory. Because I was trying really hard to watch it without obsessing over Nefertiri. Marcus being obsessed over her made me sympathize. And I really do like me a military man. And professors. And older men. He really hit every step on the ladder for me. And he had a sense of humor! A dry sense of humor! The best kind!

Duncan: You knew Darius?
Marcus: Oh, yes. We were bitter enemies.
Duncan: *stare*
Marcus: *HAHASTUPID* No, we were actually the best of friends.

I thought it was really funny. The amount I laughed was probably unreasonable, but laugh I did. Then I kind of didn't get why he didn't really mourn Angela (short of them having no chemistry at all...) so.. yes, I watched it again.

First of all, I totally blame that Dinner Party from Hell on Duncan, because he's the only one who could think that was a good idea. Secondly, Marcus was married, but he still dug up his 2000-year-buried ex-girlfriend who wants him dead just for a second chance. That made me so happy. Even if she died, it was because Marcus still couldn't fight her and Duncan loves to get the fuck in the way.

Then between that first month of unnatural sequee-ing and now, I came up with a few things about him. Them. Nefertiri never loved anyone else, which is why it was unfathomable to her how Marcus could love everyone. Romans and their polyamory, sheesh. The only time she really flipped-out psycho was when Marcus was casual about her not being his number-one priority. Before she got buried, his lover was Rome, which is why she tried to make him see eventually Rome would get between them. She didn't start playing Duncan until she saw Marcus with his wife. (Lesson #3 for Duncan, do not dig up old immortals, then show them vacuum cleaners and an exhibit of their home being dead.) She was also fiercely loyal to her Egypt and her Queen. Her Queen chose death, so she did too. I'm a bit of an imperialist, if it isn't obvious by now.

Marcus' loyalty was always to his Empire, no matter what it cost him. And it did cost him. Though he probably didn't realize it until much much later. I'm almost positive he had no idea how Nefertiri felt. They're both a bit.. prideful, and wouldn't just spill out weepy emo cries of WUV. They probably rationalized the crap out of their relationship. But this was also a turning point in Marcus' life. It finally slammed in the idea that the Empire wasn't always Right. Immediately after this, he helped free Remus-Methos. Took in Ceirdwyn and Avram as Students, people who are by right his enemies. But, if anything, their Loyalty was what kept them together. It was the one thing they had the most in common. It was how they understood eachother best. Marcus isn't surprised at all at any point of the episode that Nefertiri is crazy and pissed at him. In fact, I think he actually would be more disturbed if she wasn't. And he was obviously more devoted to her than his wife because you don't dig up an old girlfriend if you don't intend to stay by her forever (even if it doesn't happen out that way). I assume that's why he wasn't devastated when Nefertiri killed her. By their old customs, that was her right, or at least something that can be easily defended. That, and when Nefertiri snapped, he probably realized what it was he wanted the entire time. Her.

Then, recently, I watched the episode *again*. And I noticed something I really liked. The way Marcus was sitting at the Dinner party when Duncan is being an idiot and putting moves on Nefertiri. He's relaxed. Calm. That alone made me go what the hell. He's actually slouching. Also, he is glaring daggers at Duncan. If looks could kill, he could have taken Duncan's head from across the table. Another point for him, some kind of magical Anger Management. If it was me? I would have killed him.

It isn't just Marcus, though I love the hell out of him. But his dynamic with Nefertiri, and Nefertiri herself, was really a big thing for me.

And for sitting through that, here are caps.

A hundred odd screencaps later, I think it'll be a while until I find someone else I like this much. Say another few years. Unless I start posting more NTB theories again... But that's never safe for anyone.
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